Thursday, August 6, 2009 Site Accused of Government Takeover of Consumer PC's

This blog is edited as non-partisan as possible. For that reason we try to stay away from political editorials offered by either the left or the right, and I would normally not quote anything from such programs.

In this case, however, Glen Beck of Fox News did seem to break this story. The website, which facilitates the Cash for Klunkers federal government program, requires that dealers who use it literally allow it to take over the PC of the visiting user, and turn over ownership of all content of the PC to the federal government or its assignees.

Beck is alarmist, acting like this is what consumers agree to, rather than dealers, which is not the case. But if I was a dealer, I would be alarmed!

Consumers should be alarmed as well, however, as their own information is on the Dealer's computer, and therefore becomes the property of the federal government - right down to the credit report. As the consumer isn't the one who agrees to this, it is even more sneeky.


Where is the Privacy Czar? This would appear to be nothing but a scam to collect other monies owed. appears to be a ploy by the Treasury to find tax debt, and scoop it from the program. Let's hope we hear some inteligent explanation from the Administration.

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