Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Uncompetitive RFID Policy Leads to Cottage Industry

The race is on. With the near complete failure of authorities to recognize the security risks inherent in the prolific use of RFID chipping in everything from credit cards to passports, the private sector has found a cottage industry in making up the lapse in attention.

One firm leading the pack is DIFRWear. Founded in 2005, the Company's Mission is "Our mission is to give individuals the ability to maintain privacy and ensure security in a world of insecure contactless devices." Their products are designed to facilitate just that.

We invite other firms to share their approach to RFID protection as well.


  1. I cannot help but wonder, would a powerful magnet or a cople well placed hammer blows help with this situation?

  2. Disabling the chip on a credit card disables the card, and subjects you to the claim by the card issuer that you violated the card agreement as it pertains to security, and are therefore responsible for fraud losses.

    Tampering with the chip in your US Passport qualifies you for up to 25 years at Club Fed.


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